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(Managed by Sawantwadi Markazi Jamat, Mumbai, Sawantwad - Regd. E-908 (Bom)
Baherchawada, Sawantwadi
First Recog/Kol-DVM 2005-06 CH 16 may 2006 26473-75 Dated 04-10-2008
Redg. No. P-2/NPPS-Recognition/ Kol.Div.22817-18/ Kolhapur. Dated 03-05-1999

School Index No. 26.06.035




Students who are involved in school activities have greater academic success in the classroom...and this is true at Central English School.

Sport is a compulsory and valued part of the school's curriculum and is an integral part of a child's development. It requires physical involvement in organized games or activities within an accepted set rule.

Active children become healthy adults and schools plays are key role in contributing to that outcome.

Sports programs include inter and intra-school competitive sport, outdoor recreational sports, fitness, sport development and physical recreation activities. The range of activities is immense from the traditional and popular sports such as cricket, volley ball, swimming, rifle shooting, kho-kho, kabaddi etc.


In school sport our prime concern is to give all students the opportunity for participation, enjoyment and skills development. During school sport students will develop a variety of skills that will equip them for lifelong participation in regular sports.

Students have opportunities to participate at school, zone, area, state and national levels.


Physical education lessons are conducted seriously by qualified teachers. Children are in similar attire occasion. Children not only practical physical education lessons, but theory based ones too. Children with learning background of varying sporting activities are well exposed.


Sports and physical activity participation are generally promoted for their positive impact on children's physical and mental health.


First Aid Facility

First aid box contains dettol, antiseptic cream, band aid, cotton etc.


School Cantin

School canteen provides snacks, tea and coffee for students. We take care that the food should be hygienic and healthy. Management has control over the canteen functions. The quality of food is properly maintained.


School Library

We believe school libraries support children in becoming successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals and support schools in their duty to promote well being and community cohesion.


Library is a nucleus of teaching, learning and research process. Our school library has been playing a vital role in over all development of our school. Our school has a good library.


Our Library has following stock.

  • Reference material
  • Information material
  • Fiction
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • General knowledge books
  • Fairy tales books
  • Maps and posters
  • Marathi literature
  • English literature
  • Hindi literature







Reference Service

This includes encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases. Reference books are used to find quick answers, check facts, answer students' questions and discover new information.


Smart Card Facility

In view of maintaining the punctuality for students, Teachers and Staff we have implemented Smart Card system.

Central English School provides a Smart card to every student with online attendance system. It is used as an identity card for each student. It contains useful information about the student along with their identification number, photograph, and contact details. It is been linked to the Punching machine for recording the attendance on day to day basis. The students need to apply their Thumb impression or punch this card for recording their attendance which in turn will update their attendance. In addition to this the submission of fee structure is also linked to the card.


Creative Activities

Along with school syllabus, a school plays very important role in developing and modeling the student's personality by undertaking co-curricular activities and including values through it, in them.


Various Comptitions And Functions:

Different types of competitions are held in school to boost the child's capabilities and qualities. School arrange some competitions like best out of west, preparing greeting card, drawing competition, elocution and essay writing competition, fancy dress competition etc. participating such compititions helps a child to show his inner qualities, creativity and to develop a stage daring, which can pose a good leadership quality in future in him/her.


Celebrating some national functions and other important days like Independence Day, Republic day, children's day, Teacher's day etc. help children to include the values like unity, group work, their team spirit and national integration.


Various Competitive Exams And Exhibitions:

Different competitive exams like brain development, M.T.S, scholarships etc are conducted in schools every year so that students can gain opportunity to show his talent and increase the IQ level.


Similarly various exhibitions are held in school related to subjects like Science, work experience etc. which helps students to show their scientific outlook and creativity to prove them in new modern world.


Science Labs

Science lab is well managed. It has lots of space for students to move around. All the equipments are provided for students to perform science practical. Gas burners, water tap and sinks are kept in fine condition. There is also fire extinguisher for safety. Practical is held regularly.


Computer Training:

Computer lab is well organized. All the computers are connected through LAN. Internet surfing is provided for students so that they can be in touch with the modern internet world. Practicals are held regularly. Students are allowed to operate computer independently.



Music classes are held on every Saturday. Students are thought to play flute, harmonium, tabla, legim, casio and organ. On the events like republic day, Independence Day students are taken to participate in interschool competitions.


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