Govt. Recognised


(Managed by Sawantwadi Markazi Jamat, Mumbai, Sawantwad - Regd. E-908 (Bom)
Baherchawada, Sawantwadi
First Recog/Kol-DVM 2005-06 CH 16 may 2006 26473-75 Dated 04-10-2008
Redg. No. P-2/NPPS-Recognition/ Kol.Div.22817-18/ Kolhapur. Dated 03-05-1999

School Index No. 26.06.035

Chief Executive Officer Message

The Purpose of education is manifold. Literacy and employment is its primary aims. Another purpose is to make students capable of living their lives fully at all levels of their personalities. They should be able to face the numerous challenges of life and carve out a purposeful future for themselves.


At yet another level, the purpose of education is to groom students in noble culture values. In the absence of the culture, knowledge itself can become a weapon of destruction instead of a means of blessings to humanity. Still higher than this, our aim is to create a thirst for General Knowledge in students so that they discover the mysteries of Nature and the world around them.


We as educators have the responsibility to educate and train the Children to Compete in an inter-linked and borderless world. We have to equip them with the thorough knowledge, technologies, passion to explore themselves and understanding so as to gear up to meet these remarkable challenges.


Keeping all the aforesaid in view, and to provide contemporary education in a flawless atmosphere, our founder and late President of Sawantwadi Markazi Jamat, Mumbai decided to start an English Medium School in the vicinity, so that it could be easily accessible for all parents.


To realize his cherished dream it is now the sacred duty of all of us, let us come together and join hands to put forth our sincere efforts in making this school a role model in our society.


I want to acknowledge one of the great strengths of our school, the caring relationship between our teachers and our students. Our teachers are true mentors for the students in their care. Their work begins in the classrooms but it does not stop there as they assist and inspire each child navigate the journey from childhood to adulthood in their quest for a nobler and more perfect existence.


We have many plans for future and shall continue in our aspiration to build further in all areas.


"Strive on! With tireless enthusiasm, strive on to reach your goal. Without a goal, the best in you can never come out to expression."


Imtiyaz A. Khanapuri
Central English School


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